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  • Consultation call

    Would you like to have a consultation call with Desi to discuss what direction you want to go in your healing process, what resources she recommends, as well as discuss your case. Even if you just need advice and a listening ear.

  • Speaking Gigs

    Do you need a speaker for an upcoming event? Desi is now booking her fall speaking engagements. Desi LOVES speaking and inspiring others! She speaks at colleges, retreats, conferences, summits, to law enforcement & other first responders, and has even spoken at the Utah state women's prison! She’s apart of Rainn's speaking bureau, and the Women speakers association! Desi has also spoken on the radio, on many news outlets, podcasts & has even been featured on Unfiltered stories and Red Table Talk Estefans. Desi is the perfect key note, panelist, and guest speaker for any event that involves trauma, healing, effects from trauma, being re-victimized, finding your power, the problems in our justice system, mental health, and so much more! Most importantly she shares her motivational story. She gives hope & talks about how she found light after the darkness of abuse and trauma. Desi has been a counselor and crisis worker for over a decade and she recently became a certified sexual assault counselor as well as a trauma coach. Desi has many years of personal & professional experience and wants to continue to share her story, her knowledge, and give hope to all survivors, all while educating and raising awareness. She has been through the darkest of darkness and still found her light. Let her help other so they can find there. Email or message us to book Desi to come speak. She will travel and price will be determined. Desi does offer ONE free speaking engagement a month (locally). Please help spread the word to anyone looking for a motivational speaker Contact us for any questions and inquires at

  • "Finding Purpose In Your Trauma'' course

    “Finding Purpose In Your Trauma” course is NOW OPEN. This is a small VIRTUAL group course led & designed by Desi who is a counselor & trauma coach. It was designed as a mix of coaching & therapy. The purpose is to help you get to the root of the emotional wounds that are holding you back from your healing, while helping you discover your purpose from your pain & how to turn your mess into a message. Desi educates you on the neurology of trauma & how trauma not only affects our mental health, but also the physical effects it has on our bodies. She teaches grounding techniques & how to rewire your trauma brain which affects our emotional, somatic and mental system. She helps you change your narrative and rewrite your story. We only take 10-15 people per course. Anyone is welcome that needs healing. If you have any emotional wounds holding you back from healing, then I know you could really benefit from this! We know how hard it is to invest in yourself, we’ve been there too. Desi was scared the first time she hired a coach & took courses, but it was the best decision she ever made for herself! If it will help you get on the real healing journey, then why not? Now is the time, do it for YOU! Some of what’s included: •One private 1:1 “Discovery” zoom call with Desi •An hour to an hour and a half weekly group sessions (over zoom). The weekly zooms will be joined by other survivors, and we will go through this course together. •1 Guest coach workshop •We connect with our inner child & future selfs •You get a workbook to follow along that has assignments to keep you on track with your healing •Community- you get a group of other survivors to support & hold your accountable each week! Zooms will be every Tuesday @7pm mst. All sessions will be recorded incase you miss the live. The full price for this course is $499 for the full 7 weeks BUT if you sign up now you get $100 OFF which = $399 AND if you’ve been to one of my retreats or are apart of the LW healing club, you get additional $50 off which =$249 This is a GREAT deal so sign up now! Pay with: (Put "group course" in the caption) Venmo- @candleinadarkroom Paypal- Don't forget to REGISTER in the link below along WITH your payment to reserve your spot

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  • Trauma | Candle In A Dark Room Foundation | Salt Lake City

    The Candle In A Dark Room Foundation a nonprofit foundation and a podcast Candle In A Dark Room Foundation is a global community, welcoming people from every circumstance, background, gender & culture who seek a deeper understanding, and healing from past traumas. We believe survivors should use their voice so these topics will no longer be ignored. We help empower survivors to start their healing journey, and regain their power in finding purpose in their trauma. Candle In A Dark Room was started by a survivor who lived, experienced and survived physical & sexual trauma, and the foundation continues to be survivor led. Everything we do is driven by the common goal for long term healing. ​ Our agenda is to shed light on taboo topics such as physical & sexual trauma, as well as mental health, all while giving & using our voice for the voiceless. ​ - Candle In A Dark Room Foundation CEO/Founder Desi Garcia To be a Light Warrior, sign up HERE Next Healing Retreat: October 2023 Follow us on social media for more details @candleinadarkroom Join our Light Warriors Healing Club community The Light Warriors Healing Club is a survivor-led trauma informed membership platform that offers coaching, therapy tools, somatic tools, safe connection, trauma informed education, and a loving survivor community. ​ Our launch date is March 7th, 2022! Join now to assure you don't go through this healing journey alone. Click here to join The Light Warriors Healing Club Welcome to The Candle In a Dark Room Foundation! We are a podcast and a 501c3 EIN# is 84-3172288 nonprofit organization that helps survivors of physical and sexual trauma, as well as mental health that stems from trauma. We help guide you through the healing journey so you never feel alone. We show survivors that regardless of your situation and the trauma you have experienced, you can still find the light, and be a light. CIADR was founded and created by Desi Garcia. Desi is the CEO and founder of CIADR. She is a wife, mom, podcaster, public speaker, and has over 14 years of experience as a counselor, crisis worker, and just working in the trauma field at Utah’s top facilities like the U of U, primary children’s, valley mental health and more. Desi is also currently in the process to be a certified trauma recovery coach. She already does private coaching, but she will be specifically certified for this topic, and be able to add it to her credential list. Desi has been through her own healing journey as she herself is a SURVIVOR of child physical and sexual abuse. She has dealt with the long term effects of her childhood trauma that has made an impacted her mental, and physical health. Her own experience is what got her interested, and passionate about healing and working with other survivors in the trauma field. Desi's job titles are; victim court advocate, trauma coach, sexual assault, trauma and mental health counselor, and a crisis specialist. She offers somatic healing, inner child work and other healing modalities with her coaching program. Her coaching is a great mix of trauma recovery coaching, and counseling. Her mission in life is to show that even in the darkest of darkness, you can find the light and live an authentically happy life. She wants to show others that you can, and teach them how to be a light for someone else in their darkness, and how to turn their mess, into a message. Please make sure you're following Candle In A Dark Room on Facebook and Instagram @candleinadarkroom Want to be a volunteer with us? Click here! What we offer... Podcast : It offers a platform for experts to educate, and to fellow survivors to tell their story as a way to heal, bring awareness, education to the community, as well as taking their power back by using their voice. Survivor support groups A community of other survivors with on going support 1-on-1 coaching programs Consultation calls Group Coaching Courses Workshops Speaking events & panels with experts & other survivors Healing Retreats Community Events Challenges to help teach survivors healthy ways to cope, heal and thrive. Meet ups virtual and in person Court advocacy Crisis intervention Resources Education Light Warriors healing club Survivor needs: Hygiene products, housing, clothes etc. PLEASE DONATE HERE Click here to join The Light Warriors Healing Club Stay Inspired Subscribe here to be the first to get our podcast notifications, invites to events, news letters, and all other exciting announcements. Submit Thank you for the support! Up

  • Events | Mysite

    Upcoming Events....

  • Events/Retreats | Candle In A Dark Room Foundation | Salt Lake City

    UP COMING RETREATS!! Next Retreat October 2023 Register for retreat here Past Survivor/Trauma Retreats and Events : Stronger Than The Storm Healing retreat 04/2023 Still I Rise Healing retreat 04/ 2022 Rise Up Healing retreat 2021 Light Up The Night banquet 2021 Be a voice for the voiceless march Reviews from Light Warriors that have attended the events: Up

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