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The CIADR Team

Who We Are

Desi Garcia

Founder & CEO

My name is Desarae but I go by Desi.  
I’m a mom, wife, survivor, advocate, counselor, crisis worker, trauma expert, trauma coach, podcaster & public speaker.

I am the CEO/Founder of the CIADR foundation. 

I am a survivor of child physical and sexual abuse. I was sexually abused from age 8 to 15. 

After my perpetrator went to prison I went to a residential program located in Utah for 2 years. When I was released I wanted to start a new life. I met my husband and tried to ignore my past and sweep it under the rug. I hadn't been very vocal about my story for over 10 plus years, many people in my life had no idea of my past. I became a counselor and crisis worker, and worked in the professional trauma field for 10 plus years. I knew I wanted to help somehow, so my worked seemed to be the best way. Until a couple of years ago. One day I just felt pulled and felt like it was finally time to tell my story. I started by telling some co workers and close friends first to see their reaction. Every single one of them seemed blown away and told me I needed to share my story. For a while I had tried to start a blog and even write a book, but none of that felt right. Until February 2019 after talking to my husband, he gave me the great idea to start a podcast. I had never really listened to a podcast, so I didn't really know what to expect. I got my laptop and a little microphone from Best Buy and recorded my first episode in my basement. The first episode was released that march with the first part of my story, and was heard over a few thousand times just in the first 24 hours. People were messaging me all over social media from around the country and even a few from different parts of the world saying how it gave them the courage to speak about their story for the first time. That was the start of CIADR. As time has gone on I realized that with not only my personal experience, but also my professional experience that I could really help survivors go through the process of healing through they trauma. Whether it's sexual, physical or even just mental trauma I knew that I could help. So I started a small team with my sister in law and a couple of my girlfriends and decided to expand CIADR. CIADR is now a pending 501c3 (waiting on the final approval from the state).  

CIADR now offers many things. We help survivors of physical and sexual trauma, as well as mental health that stems from trauma. We also help with other trauma such as grief, adoption and more. 

I (Desi) now go to court with victims around the country to face their perpetrators in court, I help prepare them before, support them during, and offer long term help after. I help survivors take their power back, and start the proper steps of healing through their trauma.

My goals for CIADR is be known nation wide with teams around the country to offer all of our services. I want to tell my story of survival around the country in hopes it will help other survivors have the strength to come forward with their abuse or to have the strength to go through the process of healing, because it is a long road. Please dm or email me if you're in need of advocacy, a speaker or have any questions.  CIADR is for survivors AND their families. Make sure you follow us on Facebook and instagram @candleinadarkroom and please subscribe to our podcast and website to show your support. 

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