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1:1 Trauma Recovery Coaching

8 wk 1:1 coaching program

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 8 wks $800
  • Online

Service Description

After working in the mental health & trauma field as a counselor & crisis worker for over 15 years, & being a survivor myself I (Desi) decided to use my skills & knowledge to help other survivors get on the right path to healing. In my 1:1 program I work with you individually to create a unique personalized program to help you break through any barriers or thoughts that are holding you back from the next steps in your healing. We do a mix of counseling, therapeutic techniques & life coaching. I help you discover the power within yourself to take YOUR power back from your perpetrator or any persons who have hurt you in the past. You dive into your inner child, & negative thoughts & beliefs you have about yourself. We break through & heal the unknown & unresolved emotional traumas that are holding you back from the life you want and the life you deserve. We work on finding the root causes of your emotional wounds, then we break it all down for a true breakthrough. You will have a personalized program as everyone is different & no one heals the same. All of us have different ways that our bodies & mental health react to trauma. No one’s healing journey is the same, so we work on figuring out what's best for YOU & your healing, together. We dive into your past, your current state & your plan for what you want your healing to look like in the future. This program is for ANY person that has been through different forms of trauma. Everything from child sexual abuse, sexual assault, domestic abuse, & everything in between. It's for anyone who's mental health & life has been affected because of some form of trauma. If you think this program could be for you, please schedule a consultation call ($100 for 1 hour) to make sure all questions are answered & were the right match. Working with the right coach is so important because there needs to be full trust & honesty, or unfortunately no one would benefit. I know hiring a coach is a financial risk, but investing in yourself & your healing is so important, to live the life you want & deserve. Take the leap and do this for YOU. You deserve to finally put YOU first. 1:1 coaching starts at $800 for 8 weeks PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE *8 wk program includes: 8, 60-90 min weekly sessions via zoom/in person Access to coach via text between sessions for support at any time Personalized Program Community groups/meet ups Exclusive & first access to $deals/invites to events/retreats Book Discovery Call Here: https://jm6c

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