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Candle In A Dark Room
Trauma Recovery & Wellness
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Candle In A Dark Room Trauma Recovery & Wellness is a global community & business welcoming people from every circumstance, background, gender & culture who seek a deeper understanding, and healing from past traumas. We believe survivors should use their voice so these topics will no longer be ignored. We help empower survivors to start their healing journey, and regain their power in finding purpose in their trauma. Candle In A Dark Room was started by a survivor who lived, experienced and survived physical & sexual abuse. The foundation continues to be survivor led. Everything we do is driven by the common goal for long term healing.

Our agenda is to shed light on taboo topics such as physical & sexual trauma, as well as mental health, all while giving & using our voice for the voiceless.

We also offer the tools to help with the healing process with our healing retreats, groups,  1:1 trauma recovery coaching, classes. and more. Let us guide you through your healing so you can live the life you deserve.

Candle In A Dark Room Trauma Recovery & Wellness

CEO/Founder Desi Garcia


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Welcome to The Candle In a Dark Room Trauma & Wellness! We are a podcast and business that helps survivors of physical and sexual trauma, as well as mental health that stems from trauma. We help guide you through the healing journey so you never feel alone. We show survivors that regardless of your situation and the trauma you have experienced, you can still find the light, and be a light.

CIADR was founded and created by
Desi Garcia.
Desi is the CEO and founder of CIADR. She is a wife, mom, podcaster, public speaker, and has over 14 years of experience as a counselor, crisis worker, and working in the trauma field at Utah’s top facilities like the U of U, primary children’s, valley mental health and more. Desi has recently become a trauma recovery coach. She has been doing private coaching for over 2 years now and is currently looking to add to her cliental.
Desi has been through her own healing journey as she herself is a SURVIVOR of child physical and sexual abuse. She has dealt with the long term effects of her childhood trauma that has made an impacted her mental, and physical health. She has done & continues to do the hard work in her own trauma recovery, and that is what got her interested, and passionate about healing & working with other survivors in the trauma field. Desi's job titles are; motivational speaker,
 victim court advocate, trauma recovery coach, sexual assault, trauma and mental health counselor, and a crisis specialist. She offers somatic healing, inner child work and other healing modalities with her coaching program. Her coaching is a great mix of trauma recovery coaching, and counseling. Her mission in life is to show that even in the darkest of darkness, you can find the light and live an authentically happy life. She wants to show others that you can, and teach them how to be a light for someone else in their darkness, and how to turn their mess, into a message. 

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