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Welcome to the Light Warriors Healing Club

An affordable monthly membership to get you on the right path to healing, turning your mess into a message and finding a supportive community.

Owned and run by

The Candle In A Dark Room Foundation


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Subscribe now to be a Light Warrior for only $29.99 a month!

If you need help getting access to the membership - scroll to the bottom of the page for step-by-step help!

Join now to assure you don't go through this healing journey alone.

The Light Warriors Healing Club is a survivor led trauma informed membership platform that offers coaching, therapy tools, somatic tools, safe connection, trauma informed education, and a loving survivor community.

When you become a member you get an all access membership with all that our foundation offers to work on at your own pace throughout the month.

We will have a different topic each month to focus on, with content specifically supporting that topic. We will have private events just for members, examples are our support groups,  group courses, live workshops, guest speakers, live and virtual meet ups, AND early access to biannual healing retreats. We will also offer other in person and virtual events, pre recorded meditations and so more.

Light warriors will have early access to everything & all events before they are announced & open to the public.

Being a member also gets you a 15% discount on everything we offer including group courses, events & merchandise.

Some of what the membership includes:


Our monthly newsletter will offer updates, upcoming plans & events, as well as current promotions, and what content to expect within the membership for the month.


A vault full of resources to guide you in your healing journey.


Monthly pre-recorded audio and/or videos of guided meditations guided by Desi & other coaches.

Everything from inner child to Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping).


A live call with Desi where she will offer some group coaching, support, do a Q&A, etc. This is offered bi-monthly.

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Monthly check-in group calls with Desi, her team & other Light Warriors.

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Members-only workshops with Desi, her team and some other amazing, experienced coaches, healers and/or experts.

The Step by Step to access the membership.
( AFTER purchase) 

 STEP 1: Sign up for the membership. (create a username and password and purchase subscription)

 STEP 2:Then find the Light Warriors Healing Club at the top of the page and hover over it. It should have a drop down list of the Light Warriors membership and the March content. 


 STEP 3: Click either the march tab or the Light Warriors membership tab and it will give you the membership.


 STEP 4: Check weekly for updated content ! 

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